man wearing a VR headset using controllers
girl putting on a virtual reality headset and a man watching a VR film in the background
Poster of Darkening, a VR immersive film
Young man discovering VR experiences with oculus
Man helping with VR devices to a participant of Vektor VR section vol.3.
Poster of Container, a virtual reality film and a woman watching the film in a VR headset
woman watching the Choice, a VR film
A poster of a virtual reality film Wish you were here and a woman sitting in front of it in a VR headset
A helper setting virtual reality devices on Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival- Vektor VR

Vektor vol. 3.

Section in the frame of Verzió International Human Rights Film Festival

Date: 9/11/2022-12/11/2022

Place: Eötvös10 Budapest, Hungary

Vektor VR is an event that showcases 360° VR videos and interactive VR experiences in order to uncover the specificities of what each format is capable of, as well as their potential to benefit society.

The focus of this year's selection is to provide visitors with new, tangible insights into the lives of marginalised individuals and current social issues through the use of immersive media and technologies.

By 'teleporting' the audience into situations that give a sense, for example, of how different mental health conditions can be depicted, thus understood; or of how women can be placed in isolated situations where their vulnerability is exploited.