Man speaking in front of a projected text- collaboration in the metaverse
Woman performer speaking on Zip-Scene Conference 2022
Man performer speaking about virtual reality and healthcare
Audience of Zip-Scene Conference 2022
Woman asking a question on IV. Zip-Scene Conference on Immersive Storytelling

Zip-Scene Conference

Date: 10/11/2022-12/11/2022

Place: Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary

The conference addresses scientific researchers, game professionals, programmers, artists, scholars and professionals from the fields of performing arts and game studies, as well as interactive storytellers, experience designers, narrative designers, VR-professionals and philosophers and others concerned with the conference topics.

This year's topic is: From the Holodeck to the Metaverse: Interactive Speculative Narratives. Online, mixed reality, performing arts projects representing complex issues, addressing personal health and speculating about the future.