Kim pong

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Sensorium Festival
07-09 june 2019

This piece is a subset of a group project by which Fanni illustrates the sensory modalities which are not perceptible in virtual reality (smell, taste) and substitutes them with visual and auditory stimuli. She explored the idea more by utilizing the playfulness of the pattern of the seeds, and adding some opportunities to interact with them. The game's structure is based on a virtual dragon fruit atmosphere into which a politically incorrect micro-game, called “Kim Pong” is built in. The playing field consists of three basketball hoops placed on a sports ground with a dragon fruit texture. Each basketball hoop has an attached sound sample that activates when a seed is passes through a hoop. In the center of the fruit there is a translucent ball that swirls the seeds when we approach or move away from it. Three sound samples can be activated: “Kim” “Jong” and “Un”, and the aim of playing is to activate them in the right order. The sense of control in the game is minimal. If the sound samples are played in the right order the game offers further surprise.

Fanni Szilvás
Balázs Buri,
Péter Kovács,
Viktor Duka
András Szabó