Mrs. Houdini

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An interactive VR experience that takes participants on an immersive and transformative journey alongside a magician's assistant. By witnessing her growth, challenges, and ultimate empowerment to create a magic trick in surreal environment, participants are inspired to find their own voice and believe in themselves. Combining the testimonies of real magicians' assistants with the poetic works of Katalin Ladik, the experience offers a unique blend of realism and symbolism, delivering a profound and enlightening experience for all who embark on this magical journey.

The experience follows the character development of a magician's assistant, taking the audience on a transformative journey from dependence to independence. Through the eyes of the assistant, viewers witness the intricacies of a magic performance stage and the experiences beyond, as she exposes herself to the dangers of the illusions while her work counts as “invisible”. Along the way, she discovers her own ability to create magic tricks by changing her mindset. The interactive nature of the experience allows participants to manifest their agency, bringing about meaningful changes within the realm of magic.

Ágnes Karolina Bakk
Ágnes Karolina Bakk,
László András Halák,
Dorottya Kovács,
András Szabó,
Bendegúz Szatmári
Dorottya Kovács,
Bendegúz Szatmári
Szatmári Bendegúz
Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest,
National Cultural Fund of Hungary,
Random Error Studio