Panel Program

in development

A common Eastern European block of flats. Concrete, ten stories high, built as an answer to the housing shortage defined the 1950s. Three contemporary lives, three personal stories, and the same apartment footprint.

Panel Program is an interactive creative documentary in virtual reality that puts the viewer in 3 different apartments embodying 3 tenants in a prefabricated Eastern European block of flats. They accommodate the same sized physical and virtual space, but their life couldn’t be more different. They face different challenges, they are in different stages in their life, and their relationship with their homes are very different. Directly or indirectly they are all affected by the current housing crisis.

András Szabó
Art and Animation Director:
Botond István Tobai
Documentary Director:
Péter Becz
Balázs Buri,
Péter Kovács
Narrative Designer:
Ágnes Karolina Bakk