Panel Program

in development
NewImages Festival XR Development Market selected 2024 Laurel IDFA Forum Official Selection 2023 Institute of Documentary Film

A supposedly simple city break in Eastern Europe turns into a surreal journey through an unassuming concrete apartment complex. Food poisoning, a talking bedbug, the extraordinary tales of ordinary residents, self-discovery, and unexpected connections.

In this comedic virtual reality experience, a tourist called Alex embarks on what was supposed to be a typical weekend getaway in Budapest. But life has other plans, and Alex is stuck in a cheap Airbnb in a typical Eastern European concrete apartment complex due to food poisoning. Alex meets Béla, a talking bedbug who becomes an unlikely companion through a trip of cultural exchange and discoveries. Panel Program blends reality with fiction to offer a personal view of the surreal life in Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary.

The narrative is driven by the diverse stories of actual people and the perspective of the creators.


András Szabó
Art and Animation Director:
Botond István Tobai
Documentary Director:
Péter Becz
Balázs Buri,
Péter Kovács
Narrative Designer:
Ágnes Karolina Bakk