Tuning vol. 2

Immersive scenic installation by Villő Turcsány (HU)

Villő Turcsány elaborated different hybrid perceptual situations during her last artistic period: she is developing spatial design projects, such as sound design works appeared as temporary sculptural installations. Her recent kinetic installations ‘Pendulum-Series’ –Pendulum Tuning (2012-13), Double Pendulum (2015) and Solo Pendulum (2017) - were presented in contemporary museums and institutional art spaces. In these creations the spatial characteristic of the pendulums is framed by the rhythm modulated with various softwares, that has the main effect on the audio aspect of the installation. Her next immersive spatial sculpture system on which she is also collaborating with Random Error Studio will be presented in September 2019 in Budapest, at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. This immersive space is based on the system of the mechanism that will continuously change movement of the pendulums. This site-specific kinetic and sound design experience is created by a multi-channel programming system. The interactive system will detect the signals based on various forms of interaction: the sensors will identify the continuous motion of the audience and by transforming these signals into audio and visual graphic signs that will become an integrative part of the installation.

Partners: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

Funded by: NKA/National Cultural Fund

Pendulum Tuning vol. 2