VR space

VR experience by Rita Vándor

Suprematism, the term coined by Kazimir Malevich, denotes a mode of expression in which emotion dominated all other artistic considerations. This concept, however not popular today, is very fruitful for approaching various VR-environments and augmented fine art concepts.

The gravity and the directions are out of consideration. The white space and the suprematist objects surround the visitor. The audience is becoming an “experiencer” of Malevich’s work, as his world is not only visible in 2D but is also getting close to the body of the viewer and can enhance the bodily reaction to suprematism itself. Andrej Avraamov’s experimental music accompanies our journey. Avraamov was a Russian composer from Malevich time. The track called The Symphony of Industrial Horns was reconstructed by Sergey Khismatov in 2009. While developing the project, a research was also done about Malevich ouvre. It is documented in a book with the appearance of the black square.

Sensorium Festival
Sensorium Festival, BRATISLAVA SK // 07-09 june 2019
Ludwig Múzeum
Ludwig Museum, BUDAPEST HU // june 2019
Suprematist VR space