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SWARM is a piece about the power of the collective to make change. Inspired by Women's Protests happening in Poland since 2016, SWARM is a call for action, sharing the feeling of collectivism and anger. It says: “we are fed up with the current system of inequalities. We need to change it. Let's do it together!”. SWARM creates a dream of utopia and wants to show the viewers that better realities are possible if only we work towards them all together.

Director and writer:
Ula Sowa
Audio director:
Przemek Danowski
Technical director:
András Szabó
Fabian Driehorst
Creative producer:
Viktória Szabó
Concept artist:
Alba Dragonetti
Interactive design & development lead:
Péter Kovács
CG lead developer:
Balázs Buri
Viktor Duka,
Balázs Buri
Assistant director:
Zainab Tariq