Vanishing Presence

Vanishing Presence is an immersive location-based experience which seeks the solution for how the memories and the past can interact with each other by harmonizing the reality with the virtual. The growing weight and the presence of a motionless body leaves a dominant memory trace, which, as the time passes by, starts to get worn out and becomes a connectionless piece of memory. On the other hand, the moving body doesn't leave those impactful traces, but its kinetic energy can manipulate the memory. As the dimensions of space and time and the material interfere with each other, the virtual reality and the real presence cannot exist without the attributes of time and materiality's passing by.

Ágnes Szekeres,
Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy
(Implausible Works)
Viktor Duka,
Péter Kovács,
Balázs Buri
András Szabó
Balázs Fodor